The Bear and Oak Difference

What makes us better?


There are lots of companies and individuals making and selling industrial-style furniture on the internet. So why should you buy from us, and not them? In our experience, not all furniture is created equally and this is especially true of indutrial furntiure where just because it is 'rustic' and indiustrial in appearnce, it doens tmean it has to be poorly made. e pride ourselves on attention to detail; our furniture is thoughtfully designed, tested and manfactured by hand to exacting standards. We want it to look perfect, work well, and last a long time.

You get your furniture quicker:

We can get your piece to you typically within 4-6 weeks compared to the industry average of 8-12 weeks.

Your furniture fits perfectly 

We build every piece to order, so each item can be custom made to your requirements, fitting perfectly into your space.

Flat tabletops with no gaps

Our wood tops are jointed and glued together. This creates a flat tabletop with no gaps or uneveness between the boards. In our expericnce, food and other dirt can get trapped in the gaps and glass and dont rest nicely on the table - important for dining tables.

Our fixings are thoughtfully designed

Fixings are often overlooked but are an important aesthetic and practical element of your furniture. We put a lot of thought into how we fix our wood to our frames. Our fixings match the colour of the steel, so they look subtle and coordinated. We only use round-topped screws so that they dont stick out and scratch your legs or scag your clothes. We only use wood screws - these accommodate the wood's natural movement, and we oversize the holes in the steel frame also to accommodate the wood's natural movement so it won't warp over time.

Fix away from edges

We take care to fix our timber in the right places to avoid splitting the wood.

A beautiful, durable finish

We finish our wood with two-three coats of a special mix of wax and oils so the finish is beautiful, tactile and hard-wearing. It gives a highly durable water and stain resistant finish that is child safe when dry. It is water-repellent and will not peel or flake.

Suitable for application onto children’s toys – EN 71-Toy Safety Certification

Resistant to liquids: Tested in accordance with BS 3900 G5

Resistant to wear: Tested in accordance with BS3900 E15

Our furniture arrives clean

When steel arrives from the mill it is dirty and greasy. Some manufactures deliver their furntiure without cleaning it first. We always clean and degrease our furniture before we deliver it to you so that it can go straight into your room wihtout markign your floors or textiles.

These things sometime mean that we cost a little more than some other providers, but we belive that when you're investing in a piece of furniture, you want it to last a lifetime, and give you joy very time you use it. We think it's well worth it.

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